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Saklikent Gorge Tour

Saklikent Gorge Tour or Trip is one the best trips to take for a cool day out in the hot summer days in the  Oludeniz area.  Holiday in Med offers you the best service with unbeatable prices. We will pick you up from your hotel and drive through the slopes of the Taurus mountains to explore the historical cities of the Lycians ''Tlos''.  First we will visit  the Tlos historical site, which is one of the most important and oldest settlements of the 23 historical Lycian Cities. We will walk up the acropolis at Tlos and here we can see the whole Xanthos valley from the Tlos acropolis with a 500 m altitude. We also visit the Rock Tombs, Agora, Theatre, Roman Baths, Stadium and antique pool. After the Tlos historical site we carry on our journey to Yakapark Trout Farm and after wandering around it  we will  enjoy lunch served with traditional Turkish Mezes. After lunch the next stop is the Saklikent Gorge.   It was formed over the centuries by water draining through the cracks. It's length is 18 km.  It was discovered by a shepherd nearly 25 years ago.  It is getting more and more popular every year, as the gushing river is so cool to sit beside during the very hot weather of the Summer.  We can walk through the Saklikent gorge to the waterfall.  ( Up to rainy season )   After we visit the Saklikent Gorge, we can sit at any of  sitting platforms on the Karacay River, in true Turkish style.  For the rest of the time,  if you like you can do the river rafting.  Saklikent gorge river rafting is not dangerous because it is so shallow and you will raft down the gorge on a big rubber ring.  You will probably feel the bottom of the gorge with your backside sometimes!  It's all part of the fun and no one has been injured doing this activity.   After some time to yourselves, we will drive back to to our hotel. 

Saklikent Gorge  is one of the best destinations to visit near Oludeniz and Fethiye. When you are on the Fethiye - Antalya road, if you turn right from Seydikemer intersection and drive 21 km, you will reach to the Saklikent gorge. It is a national park and the second longest gorge in Turkey. It is about 18 km long and it reaches heights of  roughly 200 up to 600 meters deep. Saklikent Canyon was created by geological activity roughy two hundred thousand years ago. According to a story a shepherd found it while he was following a goat that escaped from his herd.  Nowadays Saklikent gorge is getting popular. If you would like to walk through the Saklikent gorge, you need pay Saklikent Gorge entrance fee. Saklikent gorge entrance fee is 10 turkish liras for adults and 7 lira for child. After paying the gorge entrance fee you will walk through the wooden path, which is supported by metal bars.  When you arrive inside the gorge you can find a cafeteria but no toilet. If you would like to carry on the walking through the gorge you will need plastic shoes. Instead of buying,  you can rent these from the cafeteria inside Saklikent Gorge and then you can walk through it. There is only one way to go in the Saklikent Gorge and you will leave by the same place.

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