Tips and Advice

Turkish Currency - Money Used in Turkey

The official currency of Turkey  is the Turkish lira (TL), with one Turkish lira divided into100 kurus. Historically the name "lira" is derived from the Latin word Libra. There are coins in  1, 5, 10, 25, 50 kurus, and 1 lira. Banknotes are available in  5 lira-10 lira-20 lira-50 lira-100 lira and 200 lira.

Turkish banks in Turkey are open from 08:30 until 17:30 with a midday break usually between 12:00 until 13:30. Banks in Turkey are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Money in Turkey can be exchanged at almost any bank in Turkey, and in addition there are many  exchange offices where money can be exchanged with varied opening times.

You can do your shopping with GB pound, US dollar  and  Euro  so all these currencies are acceptable in fethiye  during your holiday inTurkey. There are a large number of ATM cash machines available 24 hours a day predominately located close to hotels area, stores and shops. ATM machines can be easily found in Fethiye, almost all of them accept foreign credit cards, and all machines have English interface. As well as travel checks​ are acceptable in banks and exchance offices.


Travel Adapter Plug

 While you are coming to Turkey, you should bring your Travel Adapter Plug 3 pin.

It is a good idea to bring mosquito repellent with you for use in the evenings.  You can also purchase mosquito bracelets, plug in mosquito repellents for your hotel room are also available.

The water in Turkey is not suitable for foreigners to drink as it contains high mineral and calcium deposits.  This can lead to stomach upsets and diarrhoea which we are sure you do not want to experience whilst holidaying.  We therefore advise you to drink only bottled water.  Brushing your teeth is ok however, as long as you do not swallow the water.  

It is a good idea to bring some paracetamol or common painkillers with you and anti-diarrhoea tablets just in case you feel unwell on your holiday, although these are on sale at the local chemists (eczanes).  

Another thing you may wish to bring with you is a UK extension lead with 2-4 sockets as some hotel rooms only have a couple of electric sockets, thereby making it difficult to charge more than one telephone at a time or use your travel kettles.

A waterproof camera is a good thing to buy so that if you go on the beach you can take photos whilst in the sea or in your pool without fear of your phone or expensive camera getting broken.

You can also purchase waterproof money holders to take with you for trips to waterparks, Saklikent gorge, etc - where your money is not going to get soaking wet.

You might also think about purchasing a money belt - you can never be too careful as you go around the bazaars etc.  The belt is worn under your clothing and therefore is not noticeable to passers by.

If you are bringing medication with you from your home country, it is a good idea to bring a written doctor's letter or a copy of the original prescription, especially if you are carrying drugs such as Tramadol, codeine or oramorph as these are forbidden in Turkey.